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Joshua Garbe is the president and lead developer behind Pathways Development. The more expertise he gained in the fields of web design, software programming, and marketing, the more he realized that these fields informed, educated, and drew from each other. He realized that by providing a variety of related services in the IT world, he could save clients significant amounts of time and money. Thus, Pathways Development was born.

Under his direction, the various companies that form the family of Pathways Development confer and collaborate to provide solutions for the full domain of IT needs. Joshua oversees the independent teams of Pathways Web Design, Pathways Business Solutions, Pathways Photography, and AbandonPath to provide the full spectrum of web design, programming, marketing, content writing, and business innovation.

Proudly Canadian-Owned and Operated

Unlike many developers and web designers that outsource their work internationally, Joshua keeps Pathways Development and all of its subsidiaries local and Canadian. This ensures accountability, quality of work, and communication. When you call the Pathways Development team, you can speak with those working directly on your project.

The Pathways Development Family

  • Pathways Web Design: Website creation & management/ Website Hosting/ Social Media, etc...

  • Pathways Business Solutions: Hardware & software development/ admin, finance, quality control, document control, and materials management within all types of industries.

  • Pathways Photography: Website and stock photo photography/ marketing/logo and business card design.

  • AbandonPath: Blogging website/ collective of freelance writers to provide for all your content writing needs.

At Pathways Development, we’re all about collaboration, efficiency, and shared expertise. If you’re looking to grow your business, establish or update an online presence, or streamline your company’s IT system, we are the complete package. Contact us today to discuss your vision and goals - we’d love to help you make them a reality.

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