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Who is Pathways Development?

Pathways Development is a modern family of creative businesses who desire to re-shape the future with automation and design fit to an ever-changing world.

By providing a strategic framework for creative ideas and design-craft, we help businesses stay relevant today and imagine what could be possible tomorrow.

As a company, we work together seamlessly across disciplines to provide a specialized and individual skill-set.

We love to connect and collaborate, both within our family and beyond.

How We Got Started

Joshua Garbe is the president and lead developer behind Pathways Development. The more expertise he gained in the fields of web design, software programming, and marketing, the more he realized that these fields informed, educated, and drew from each other. He realized that by providing a variety of related services in the IT world, he could save clients significant amounts of time and money. Thus, Pathways Development was born.

Under his direction, the various companies that form the family of Pathways Development confer and collaborate to provide solutions for the full domain of IT needs. Joshua oversees the independent teams of Pathways Web Design, Pathways Business Solutions, Pathways Photography, and AbandonPath to provide the full spectrum of web design, programming, marketing, content writing, and business innovation.

Proudly Canadian-Owned and Operated

Unlike many developers and web designers that outsource their work internationally, Joshua keeps Pathways Development and all of its subsidiaries local and Canadian. This ensures accountability, quality of work, and communication. When you call the Pathways Development team, you can speak with those working directly on your project.

The Pathways Development Family

  • Pathways Web Design: Website creation & management/ Website Hosting/ Social Media, etc...

  • Pathways Business Solutions: Hardware & software development/ admin, finance, quality control, document control, and materials management within all types of industries.

  • Pathways Photography: Website and stock photo photography/ marketing/logo and business card design.

  • AbandonPath: Blogging website/ collective of freelance writers to provide for all your content writing needs.

At Pathways Development, we’re all about collaboration, efficiency, and shared expertise. If you’re looking to grow your business, establish or update an online presence, or streamline your company’s IT system, we are the complete package. Contact us today to discuss your vision and goals - we’d love to help you make them a reality.

Our Featured Projects

We are proud of work, so why not show off a little? We are pleased to present the following projects in our portfolio showcase -- just a sampling of the wide range of projects that our Pathways Development team has collaborated on.

Whether you are in need of web design, software development, images and photography, or freelance writing, Pathways Development is the complete package.

We ensure the proper division is used to solicit and maintain your clientele.

What services does Pathways Development provide?

Pathways Web Design

In order to best represent your brand, a positive online image is everything.

Creating a standout website will set you apart from the crowd and help your business attract new clients, keep existing clients, and increase traffic to your website (and thus, your business). In today’s competitive marketplace, having a visually appealing and user-friendly website is an absolute must.

Consumers make first-impression, near-instant conclusions about your business and brand based on their experience with your website. Thus, having a well-crafted website is one of THE most important marketing strategies you can employ. Whether your objective is to create an online presence or update and refresh your current one, Pathways Web Design will come alongside you to craft a vibrant and modern web design to make your business and brand stand out.

Pathways Web Design

Pathways Web Design provides the full spectrum of web design services. Our experienced team develops custom, sleek, SEO-friendly websites in order to provide you with with the best digital version of your business.

Our team understands the ins and outs of the web. We know how consumers behave in this digital marketplace and we know what it takes to catch and hold their attention. At Pathways Development, we prioritize modernity, responsiveness and image because we have seen firsthand how these factors increase traffic and optimize conversions.

We take our web design projects seriously and seamlessly integrate your ideas, plans and vision with our own experience, insight and creativity. Whatever your goal for your website, we would love to work with you to create a stunning, fully-optimized website that sets you apart from the crowd.

Enough about us. We’d love to hear from you! Contact us today to throw around your ideas and get an estimate.

Pathways Business Solutions

As technology influences the world in an ever-increasing manner, unique opportunities and challenges are presenting themselves to businesses. Many workforce leaders are struggling to maintain their current workload while also attempting to stay abreast of new trends and technologies.

At Pathways Business Solutions, we help you discover and harness the immense opportunities that modern technology affords.

Our professional team comes alongside businesses and leaders to develop innovative, cutting-edge software customized to their unique needs. From materials management to financial organization to marketing strategy, we help you harness the power of technology to streamline your systems, minimize your workload and and manage your documents.

Our experienced technicians will help you get informed, get ahead, and get organized. Opportunity is everywhere. Let us support your business by providing innovative answers to all of your software and IT needs.

In addition to software development for IT and Administrative purposes, we have two special projects on the horizon. Stay tuned for GrowMe: a complete hydroponics kit designed for to produce high-quality cannabis from the comfort of your home; and BrewMe: a fully-automated, at-home mini-bar! Click Here to learn more.

Pathways Photography & Design

The photos and layout that you choose for your website will make an instant impact on consumers. This first impression is so significant that images are one of the principal considerations in designing a website that represents your brand well.

At Pathways Development, we know that clients unconsciously create a parallel between your website’s image and your company’s relevance, modernity, and proficiency. This perceived correlation means that the appearance of your website is incredibly important to your marketing strategy and brand success.

Selecting custom, professional images or strategically curated stock photos will help you create a modern and vibrant look for your business. This, in turn, will attract consumers, build your brand, and drive traffic to your site. Our team of photographers and marketers at Pathways Photography will help you choose and/or create images that reflect your uniqueness and best portray your business.

With the addition of Pathways Photography to our team, we have the upper hand in ensuring that you obtain high-quality stock images for your branding and marketing strategies, as well as the peace of mind that your images are indeed as unique as your company. We also provide photography sessions for those who want a more personalized touch to their web and marketing content.


Consumers read online content much differently than they read books or magazines. With such a great volume of information present on the web, readers must learn to skim and efficiently distill content down to the selections that are relevant to them. This tendency toward selective and time-minimized reading makes it essential for your website to have great content.

What does great content entail? In a nutshell, your writing needs to be clear, super-focused, and effectively optimized for SEO. In a very short period of time, you need to draw your readers in, sustain their attention, and provide them with extremely relevant content. Then, there’s the whole other realm of writing for the web: search engine optimization. Not only does your content need to be readable and engaging, but it also must be searchable and easy to find in the great labyrinth of the search engine jungle. There’s a tension here. Your content should be rich with the appropriate keywords, but still readable; it should be SEO-friendly, but also human-friendly; it should cater to search engine algorithms, but also to the very real people eyeing your website.

Our team of professional writers at AbandonPath excel at navigating this tension to create fresh content that is relevant and competitive in every realm involved in writing for the web. Let us come alongside you to provide top-class writing that is engaging, keyword-rich, and fully optimized for search engines.

We bring considerable professional writing and communicating skills to the table and have worked with a wide variety of clients. We’d love to hear your vision and learn how we can best represent you. To give us a sense of your style, voice and vision, contact us today!

Contact Pathways Development today and let our experienced team guide you on the path of success.

Contact Us

Whether you are in need of web design, software development, images and photography, or freelance writing, Pathways Development is the complete package.

We ensure the proper division is used to solicit and maintain your clientele.

Email Pathways Development today and let our experienced team guide you on the path of success.

If you would like to know more about our complete set of professional IT services, please send us an email at or use the form below. We would love to hear more about your vision and goals and discuss how we can help you actualize them!

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